“Don’t Settle for Less”

Hair is the completing factor of female beauty. For women, hair is so much more than just a part of their bodies. Also, as female hair loss is not seen viewed as natural as it is for men, there’s an unyielding pressure on woman dealing with hair loss. That is why hair loss can be quite more traumatic for women than it is for men.

Female hair loss can be caused by a variety of reasons. Most common factors include genetic structure, birth, dietary habits, stress and misuse of cosmetic products. While receding hair is usually seen in older women, hair loss can still affect women at pretty young ages. Click for more information on female hair loss ...

Prosthetic hair is a pain-free, quick system. Whatever your hair issue is, you can have the natural look you want with prosthetic hair. We, as HDC, work with world sector leaders to bring you the best quality products possible. We are the first to bring many firsts here to Turkey. Click here for information about Club W products, which are particularly easy to use in the latest state-of-the-art alopecia diseases and chemotherapy-radiotherapy processes.

Our selective creation of female prosthetics depend on the patient’s lifestyle, skin and budget to fulfill all expectations. Female prosthetic hair use makes the user happier and more confident in her own skin.

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