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Hair is the most important accessory of men. In our time, hair has become an undeniable part of fashion and trends for men. With today’s technology, hair loss has become a problem that can be delayed, prevented or treated. Just like prosthetic teeth, prosthetic hair treatment exists. With prosthetic hair, the patient retrieves his image and the hair he lost. Come by HDC to stop grieving your lost hair.

Male hair loss might be caused by a variety of reasons. Hair loss can begin at any age. The most common factor for hair loss is genetic structure. Other than that, some factors include stress, dietary habits, life style, and incorrect use of hair treatment cosmetic products.

Prosthetic hair is a painless, easy and quick procedure. It is designed in a person-specific manner, and the easiest way to achieve the hair of your dreams. Although treatments like hair replacement exist, those might not be able to fully achieve your hair goals and hurt your existing hair or scalp if done incorrectly. Prosthetic hair, on the other hand, is suitable for your skin, your hair, and your budget.

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