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Frequently Asked Questions

Prosthetic hair is a hair loss treatment that works by taking an exact mold of a problematic area on the scalp and applying completely natural hair on the area.

  • Patient cannot remove the unit by himself.
  • Has no effect on daily life.
  • Can be combed or brushed as desired.
  • Sports are not an issue.
  • Unrecognizable to the naked eye
  • Completes the natural appearance of the patient.
  • All directions where hair must come out are chosen by hand.
  • Procedure lasts and average of 2 months.
  • The base is made of transparent faux-leather.
  • Patient’s scalp is visible.
  • Is water and air permeable.
  • Gives confidence.
  • Helps retrieve the loss of social life that comes with the loss of hair.
  • Helps patient’s look far younger.

Developed by MAX Factor during the 1950s Hollywood studies, it was used by many actors like Sean Connary and John Wayne.

During the 1970, with the rise of demand and fall of prices, it has assimilated into the public. There are now over 35000 firms focused on prosthetic hair in the US, and is a quite popular practice.

Wigs are:

  • Extremely heavy
  • Machine-made
  • Made in 2-3 hours
  • Unstable even in a small breeze
  • Cannot be brushed as wished
  • Covers the entire scalp
  • Is usually obvious
  • Does not have a positive impact on user’s psyche

HDC prosthetics are 100% natural and have been safely used for over 20 years, without any complaints. They are also weary hygienic and easily cleaned.

Many religiously renowned figures openly wear prosthetic hairs. There are no religious obstacles that state one may not use prosthetic hair.

Using special adhesives to stick the prosthetics to the scalp is one of the many ways of treatment. HDC, unlike many other companies, use FDA approved adhesives during treatment.

Some models require a monthly care treatment, while others don’t require anything.

As they are not connected to actual hair follicles, the hair will not grow, but the patient can choose the prosthetic hair length as he or she wishes.

We have special prosthetic products for children, but our regular products don’t cause any harm to children either. We are well aware of hair loss at a young age can be crucial to a child’s psychological development, so are extremely sensitive on the matter.

Miraç Özay

Hello, I found myself by finding you over the internet. I especially thank Murat and the rest of the team for giving me the courage to this in the first place. I thank Murat once more for not losing interest even a bit after the initial months of procedure.
After losing my hair and my time to the damned topical illness 4 years ago, I’ve met the HDC family. I won the most important thing I have back, which is my hair. I am very happy to be a part of this family. Thank you HDC.

Doğukan Aydın


Türkiye'nin protez saçla olan geçmişi HDC'nin kurulmasıyla başlar. Kurucumuz Gökhan Örmen kendi saç sorununu çözmek üzere Amerika'da uygulattığı ve öğrendiği bu sistemi, Türkiye'de de aynı sorunları yaşayan insanlara çözüm olabilmek amacıyla Türkiye'ye getirmeye karar verdi. 1991 yılında başlayan bu yolculukta enerjimizi ve kalitemizi sürekli geliştirdik ve teknoloji alanında dünyadaki tüm gelişmeleri Türkiye'de ilk uygulayan firma olduk. HDC, halen ilk kurulduğu Levent merkezimizde hizmetini sürdürmekle beraber İstanbul'da Bakırköy ve Altunizade'de HDC premium şubeler açarak ağını genişletti.

Dünyada sektörü yakından takip ederek yılların verdiği deneyim ile sektöre yön veren firmalar arasında yerimizi aldık. Amerika'nın en büyük protez saç üreticisi olan ve dünya pazarında önemli bir yere sahip olan New Image firmasının 20 yılı aşkın süredir 26 ülkede distribütörüyüz.

Son yıllarda CNC medikal protez saç sektöründe dünya markası olan İtalyan Cesare Ragazzi firması ile de distribütörlük anlaşması yaparak çok yüksek kalitedeki CNC medikal protez saçlar ile ürün gamımızı genişlettik ve tıbbi alanda hizmet vermeye başladık.

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