Turkey’s First Hair Replacement Center

We have been serving as the HDC family for 22 years. We stand with our latest technology equipment and experienced staff with American connections. HDC is the right choice for all Hair replacement and hair loss treatment solutions in Turkey! Your happiness is our happiness

Your happiness is our happiness!

We serve you with our team of experts in hair prosthesis replacement . We are also following closely the latest developments in technology and customized solutions to provide quality hair loss treatments in turkey.

What You Need To Pay Attention To

There are many issues to consider when deciding to get a hair replacement. Because this process is extremely important in terms of health as well as aesthetics. So what do you need to pay attention for before having a hair replacement?


Haircheck-up is to determine what’s up with your hair and to measure the loss and deterioration over time. The method of treatment is determined accordingly and you will be offered a tailored solution.


The Fue Fut Method For Hair Transplantation

Nowadays, hair transplantation is performed using the Fue Fut Hair Transplantation methods. In Turkey,google3c3e9ef3f0761023 (1) HDC will determine the best method to solve your hair problem, you can have an idea of these methods and an image of the result to help you decide which will match your expectation.

Hair Spa

With the HDC Hair Spa we are the first in Turkey! We measure your hair. Our goal is to be able to show you the results of the transection of your hair to strengthen and protect it and scientific instruments are available with scientific data.


Take advantage of our specialized free calls, we expect you to visit our branch to get information about the latest technology solutions for hair loss treatment. Do not miss the awesome prices starting from 550 TRY! ! Hair replacement campaign.


Watch the Change!

We continue to be the best in Turkey, providing our customers a more successful and happy life, increasing the quality of living standards. Our Mission is: high standards to maximize the excellent level of customer satisfaction by providing quality service. Our quality policy: to implement the best and most popular system for the satisfaction of our customers, to renew ourselves ‘constantly’ is our principle to provide the perfect service.

Customer Reviews
  • Spectacular changes has been made to my outer appearance, my new way of life has made me a more happy and positive person. Many thanks to the HDC family.–Burçin Bildik